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Topic: ATTENTION, SF Homeowners on Oahu!!! The END of Budget-busting electric bills!!! (Read 1359 times) previous topic - next topic
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ATTENTION, SF Homeowners on Oahu!!! The END of Budget-busting electric bills!!!

HIGH Electric bills killing your budget? (If $1,200-1,800/mo high electric bills aren't a severe bother for you? Drive an electric car? WOW. I'm happy for you). For the rest of us, It's a BIG PROBLEM.

If you're paying more than $500/mo (most of you are well over $1,000/mo), you can change that and put those dollars into more important ideas like your retirement, college planning, or ANY OTHER WORTHWHILE endeavor!

As a Financial Advisor, I've helped several of my Clients install SOLAR VOLTAIC service for their home use.

It has meant everything to them to be relieved of that utility bill.

The "trick" is finding the way to finance it when you're fico has suffered and your savings reserves are gone. My financial planning tools are very effective for helping you meet your objectives and save you big money.

Text or Call Dan Turner, TODAY. Let's talk. 808-464-5292.

Do it, NOW (before your next billing cycle).

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